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No More Deadheading - Make Money With The Destination Filter


Today's Coach training goes over one of the latest features in Uber and Lyft's apps that can help you save time and money. It's the destination filter. Find out what it is and how it can help you in this short 5-minute Coach training!

How It Works:

Where to find it on Lyft: You can find the Destination filter on the upper right hand side of the Lyft Driver App. Click the arrow on your app.

From there you will be able to access the Destination Filter.

Uber's Destination Filter

Go to your Uber Driver App and on the home screen, click the hamburger icon on the top right hand side. Note: For Uber you'll be only able to set your Destination Filter twice a day.

From here you can set a destination.

With the destination filter, you can:

Set the vehicle home lot as destination 30 minutes before you need to return the car

  • Set a gas station as a destination for when you need to fuel up your car

  • Set a restaurant as destination when you want a food or bathroom break

By doing this, you'll only pick up passengers going in your direction.

At Animo, we think this has huge benefits for you as a driver. You can:

  • Drop off your car on time and avoid late fees.

  • Make money while on your way back returning your car.

  • Not worry that your "last ride" will take you even further from home.

Please note: If you do use the destination filter on Uber/Lyft, those trips may not count towards all promotions. Always double check if you are working towards a promotion by contacting support at Uber / Lyft.

Tip: Turn on the destination filter 30 minutes before the end of your shift. This is the perfect time to start heading back to your lot.


Have you tried out the destination filter before? Has it been effective for you? We've heard that Uber's latest iteration of the filter has worked very well!

Let us know what you think by emailing us at!

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