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Prius How-To

Our fleet of Prius were chosen because of how fuel efficient they are. If you want to pull down a marathon session of rideshare driving without having to stop for charging (or even fueling up), the Prius is the way to go.

One tank takes you over 600 miles, so there’s no “range” anxiety. If you wanted to drive 8+ hours shifts, our Prius cars are perfect.

Toyota Prius highlights:

  • Best for: Rideshare or Delivery

  • 2014 - 2016 models

  • Recommended for shifts of any length

  • Smooth, spacious, comfortable, and easy to drive; no need to stop and charge throughout your shift

  • Range: 600+ miles on a full tank

The Prius is a great car but have a different interface than most cars. No worries! Read on to see a How-To Guide for the Prius.

How to Release the Parking Brake

The parking brake for a Prius is located in a different location than other cars. Please look at the bottom of the driver's seat. It is on the left side closest to the car door. If the car isn't moving after the car is started, be sure to depress the parking brake at the left of your foot.

Lever to Release the Fuel Door

The Prius has the fuel door release lever on the floor of the driver's side of the car. Look on the left side of the floor mat on the bottom of the driver's seat. Just pull the lever towards you and it will open the fuel door.

Where to Charge your Phone

Inside the Center Console

Inside the center console, you have a place to put an AUX cord, a USB, and a 12v port.

Below the Dashboard

If you look under the dashboard, you can also charge your phone in the 12v port as well.

Note: Please don't forget to bring your own charging cables since we do not provide them. You will need your phone in order to run the Uber/Lyft app as well as to use the Animo app as a key to unlock/lock your car so don't forget!

If you need help, please text our support team at (510) 66-ANIMO or email us at

If you have any additional tips that you think would be helpful, email us at

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