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The Five Best Times To Drive in Los Angeles


At Animo, we don't just want to provide you a vehicle to use in rideshare; we want to help you earn more when you get behind the wheel.

So we’ve been working hard to analyze thousands of Uber trips in Los Angeles, looking at hourly earnings, trip distances, trip frequency, and more. As part of this ongoing analysis, we’ve identified five of the best times to drive rideshare throughout the week.

When you should plan to drive

We’ve cross checked this data with what we hear from some of our best drivers and the results are in. If you haven’t tried driving one of these windows before, now is the perfect time to make a booking and see for yourself.

  • Monday 5-9AM: The airport rush is real. LAX hosts 200,000 travelers every day, with morning being one of the busiest times. A growing number get there in an Uber or Lyft so be sure to bring your airport placard!

  • Tuesday 3-7AM: Similar to Monday, Tuesday continues to be a busy day at the airport.

  • Friday 10PM - Saturday 3AM: Friday nights being busy should come as no surprise. With the work week ending for many, expect to make plenty of trips to bars and clubs. There's a slight slowdown around midnight before it starts to pick back up at 1AM again as people start heading home.

  • Saturday 12PM - 9PM: Everything is game on Saturday. Expect trips to the beach, tourist destinations, boozy brunches, museum visits, and more. This is the time when people come out to play!

  • Sunday 8-11PM: Many people take advantage of the last night before the typical work week starts back up to go out to dinner and/or a bar. Since Monday is a work day, however, you won't see as much demand later into the night.

Methodology: These hours do not take into account any Uber promotions such as average hourly guarantees or guaranteed surge during certain hours of the day. We chose not to look at those because those promotions typically vary person by person, and also because Uber may not always be offering those incentives.

Disclaimer: We cannot guarantee you’ll always earn more driving these hours (there are a lot of variables like weather, events, holidays, promotions, etc. that can affect demand and your earnings week over week).

However, these are the hours that consistently showed higher average earnings across the data we analyzed.


What are your thoughts on seeing this data? Does it surprise you or does it fit with what you’ve already noticed? Are you excited to give these time windows a try? Email us at to let us know your thoughts!

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