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How to Deliver the Best Customer Service—and Bring in more Tips

Driving for Uber and Lyft is like no other job because there is no employee orientation, employee handbook, nothing: you’re dropped into the deep end to swim or sink. This isn’t meant to scare new or prospective drivers—everything tends to come naturally. But one overlooked and underemphasized aspect of driving is customer service. How do you as a rideshare driver deliver your passengers the best experience possible? This subject shouldn’t be overlooked; good customer service can boost your ratings and your tips to the max. Read on for a breakdown of all driver-passenger interactions, and where you can turn your customer service up a notch.

The First Impressions

Give a warm welcome

Your first interaction with your passenger will be the moment they open your car door. Confirm their name with them so they know that they’re getting into the correct car. Then you can introduce yourself to make the introduction more of a conversation rather than an interrogation. Be sure to welcome them and point out any chargers, aux cords, or water available to them.

Actions speak louder than words

If your passenger sits behind you, ask them if they need more room while scooting your seat up. This shows them that you are serious about guaranteeing their comfort while riding. This goes for any question you ask of them; instead of simply asking, perform the action. Show them you’re committed to giving them the best possible ride.

The Ride

Keep your car in great shape

One of the most influential aspects of a car ride is the state of the car. This doesn’t just mean that you need to clean your car (Animo’s got you covered here). You also need to make sure the car looks and smells nice. Too much air freshener is one of the worst experiences for a passenger—it can make them lightheaded and contribute to them being carsick. However, a small amount can contribute to a better experience for them.

Create a blank slate

Whether you’ve given 50 or 5,000 rides, one thing remains the same: it’s always the passenger’s first time in your car. It’s important to make the car a blank canvas that the passenger can claim as their own for the duration of their ride. This means that you should wipe the car clean of any traces of former passengers; get rid of any trash and clean off any footprints on the floor mats. Creating a blank canvas also means that you can’t leave any trace of your own things in the car either. Make sure you stay away from eating any food that will cause a smell in the car, and turn off the radio for the next passenger so that they can choose the music when they get in. All these small adjustments will cause your passenger’s comfort level to rise because they can toggle the aspects of their ride to match their preferences.

The Drop-off

Leave them with a good impression

As you drop your passenger off, thank them for riding with you and wish them a good rest of their day/night. This is the last impression you’ll make on your passenger before they rate and tip you—make sure it’s a good one by being courteous and thankful.

No matter your level of experience, you can always step up your rideshare game with good customer service. Try implementing some of these strategies and let us know how it goes in the comments!

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